Design Thinking Business Analysis

Design Thinking Business AnalysisThe New Nordic Style of Business Analysis!

This is about a new approach to information-driven Business Analysis!
It is based on a combination of Design Thinking principles and Concept Mapping. It is business-friendly: intuitive, easy to work with, highly communicative and visual. And it helps business organizations develop creative, valid new ways of looking at the business concepts. Here is the book about the "New Nordic" approach to Business Analysis by and for the Business:

Concept Mapping: Intuitive visual communication
Concept mapping has proven to be highly successful in business analysis. Conceptual modeling (UML, Entity-Relationship diagrams etc.) failed as a business-side tool, but concept mapping - coming from educational psychology - is readily accepted in the business communities. Contrary to common wisdom business analysis is not "just a documentation issue". It is a learning process - both for the analyst, but also for the business itself. Concept mapping works in this context because it is based on psychology (the theory of meaningful learning), rather than on an engineering mindset. Which implies that business concept mapping is a business task, as it rightfully should be.
Design Thinking: Boosting creativity
Design Thinking is a mindset that - obviously - supports creativity. Creativity is an absolutely necessary requirement of any business development effort. Concept Mapping encourages creativity, so the two techniques work together in real synergy.
The Business can take control
The approach in the book is based on very simple and realistic recommendations, incl. a tested and reliable, publicly available brainstorming tool (CmapTools from IHMC, The combined approach has been refined since 2005 together with a number of clients in both private companies and government. No IT or data modeling background is necessary. The business stakeholders get a strong - and real - sense of ownership of the business information asset.

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Or read the book:

Design Thinking Business Analysis - Business Concept Mapping Applied
Thomas Frisendal
© Springer, 2012
ISBN 978-3-642-32843-5